About us


  • We want to be the best in sourcing home textiles.
  • We want to be the natural and preferred partner, based on our qualifications, our extensive know-how, and the many other personal competencies we contain.
  • Our business partners must know us on the fullness of trust and good mood.
About us


  • We must be able to be part of all levels in our customers’ organization.
  • We need to inspire them, make life easier for them and thereby create long-lasting relationships
  • Our business partners must be able to have peace of mind and sleep well at night when they have given us a task.
  • They need to feel that they are getting value for money.
About us


  • Credibility: We must communicate honestly and keep our word.
  • Dynamic: We need to execute quickly, efficiently and be adaptable.
  • Flexible: We need to find solutions that suit our customers’ needs.
  • Empathy: We need to be able to see things from the customer’s point of view.
  • Responsibility: We must be proper in all parts of the supply chain.