Uno Image


At uno image, we are responsible for quality, while protecting the environment and the people around us. We want to implement meaningful technologies, and we spend time and resources finding new and green alternatives. With our expertise, we hope to inspire others to think about sustainably. We hope to be part of the solution to the challenges we face with you.

For uno image, accountability to the environment is an important and fundamental value. We will constantly reduce our environmental impact as much as possible within the realistic framework. We integrate environmental considerations into our daily operations, as we are constantly focused on reducing our environmental impact, e.g. by making sure to constantly turn off lights when it is not relevant to have them turned on, to recycle paper, plastic bags and cardboard. We must constantly comply with national and local laws within the environment, and ensure that our suppliers do the same. All our partners must agree that we must be able to perform unannounced audits at all times. A large part of our environmental impact is the transport of goods from Asia to Europe.

Therefore, through planning and follow-up, we must ensure that the goods are ready for shipment to be able to be sent by ship, so that more environmentally damaging transport options such as trains and planes are kept to an absolute minimum. We also generally follow the price level around the world closely, in order to possibly be able to move production closer to Denmark, and thereby reduce the transport’s environmental impact. We are in the process of implementing the guidelines for the OECD and UNGP in our business and policies. Therefore, we have prepared schedules of our current and potential harmful environmental impacts, so that we can ensure continuous improvements through Due Diligence.

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